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What Did The Bible Foretell About People's Thinking And Actions In Our Days?

What did the Bible foretell about people’s thinking and actions in our day?

yes the Bible foretold that people in general would change for the worse during our time. It indicated that this change would lead to a large scale of social values.

But the Bible also foretold that some people will not succumb to this breakdown. Rather, with God's help, they would work to overcome negative influences and bring their thinking and actions in line with his will.

The Bible describes a variety of negative traits and actions that would become commonplace, all rooted in selfishness.

People would be “without self-control,” “lovers of themselves,” and “lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.”—2 Timothy 3:2-4.True to that prophecy, people in our day are often self-absorbed, focused on self-interest, self-gratification, self-fulfillment, and so forth. These traits are so common that some groups have been called the Me Generation and even the Me Me Me Generation. Many people are so interested in themselves that they are “without love of goodness,” lacking the capacity to love good qualities. Being " unthankful" they feel no need to show gratitude for what they have or for what others do for them. 2 Timothy 3: 2,3.

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