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Apostle Yiadom Urges Ghanaians To Protect The Natural Resources To Enhance Good Health.

The Founder and General Overseer of the Christ International Bethel Assembly, Apostle Eric K. B Yiadom has stressed the need for Ghanaians, especially civil society groups, NGOs and other stakeholders in authority to take a critical look at the rate in which the country's natural resources tend to be destroyed and come out with measures that could curb the menace.

The man of God noted that the kind of environmental destruction in the country is having adverse consequences on the people especially on health related issues and therefore calls for attention.

According to the Apostle who besides Bible, also uses herbs as another alternative to effectively heals all kinds of ailments observed that herbs including grasses that have been destroying from the environment are very efficacious to many health challenges.

And asked if Ghanaians deliberately destroys such leaves and trees seen in the advanced countries as a potential elements of human existence, then where is the country heading to.

It is now time the Authorities and stakeholders should rise up to their mandates and discourage the attitudes where the country's natural resources have been put under threat.

Apostle Yiadom was allegedly critical to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources among other stakeholders who are responsible for the country's environmental issues for their failure to take up the matter seriously.

Apostle Yiadom hinted that our alleged continuous ignorance of treating the environment and natural resources could cause the country, as posterity will not forgive us if no attempt is made to reverse the trend.

"Our country is weeping very loud for natural preservation of her natural resources through many signals in a form of spiritual and physical ways" and asks who cares to bell the cat.

The pastor who is also a spiritual healer noted that the environmental challenges in the country could be solved if attention is paid to it.

Touching on the foreign foods the Pastor advised the general populace to avoid them, instead encourage Ghanaians to participate in our own local foods that contain raw nutrients to heel sicknesses because what one eats is what it heals him.

 Our forefathers lived longer and healthy because they rely on the natural resources and feed on their own food produce, the pastor concluded.

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