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Spiritual Meaning Of Crocodile In your Dream

If you are presently facing difficulty, dreaming about a crocodile could be a warning. If you see a crocodile that is simply “laying around” with nothing to do, this represents a warning that someone is trying to have a negative impact on your income or your overall happiness.

If a crocodile chases you, it symbolizes major stumbling block from your ancestral or household line. However, if the crocodile catches you after a chase and bites you, you can expect serious poverty, starting a thing and not finishing it, and other negative signs includes, spiritual blindness, fruitless efforts, evil diversion.

If the crocodile that appears in your dream is dead, this means extreme success beyond anything you can imagine. A crocodile dream may also warn you against someone who is giving you bad advice or leading you into making bad decisions. This dream also involves a warning of hidden danger and transfer of foundation problems towards you. If you dream that you step on the back of a crocodile, it symbolizes some kind of trouble in the near future and that you may have trouble getting out of it.

If this is your dream, be careful about revealing your secrecy to people. A dream in which crocodile torn a person to pieces can sometimes represent your feelings about a person who is about to die. If you know a person at the sickbed, kindly pray against the spirit of death and long term infirmities.

If you see yourself surrounded by crocodile, it means the eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood have set themselves to waste you before your time. Rise up 7 days midnight prayers from 12am with the use of Isa 49:25-26, 2 Cor 10:4, Josh 1:9.

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