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The reason for God’s justice

It should be pointed out that our wisdom realizes the goodness and unseemliness of things to a certain degree. 

For instance, we know that justice and kindness are good and admired characteristics and injustice and jealousy are bad and repulsive. We know all this without religious instruction but however, there are things we could not understand through the sciences alone; to recognize them, we need the instruction of religious leaders such as the prophets. Thus, vast people are wrong then they deny rational goodness be unseemliness. If our wisdom was not able to distinguish between good and bad, how would we be able to acknowledge whether or not God had given miracles to an honest individual or to a liar?

But when we say lying is unseemly and is uncharacteristic of God and that His statements are always right and flawless, we know that His promises are true and that He would never support a liar, so He would not provide a liar with miracles. That is why we can trust religion and we can conclude that the belief in rational goodness and unseemliness is the very foundation of religion. Now, let us return to the reasons for God’s justice. To know these facts, we should be aware of the following:

What is the source of Injustice?

Injustice is due to one of the following:

Ignorance, sometimes a cruel person or a tyrant does not really know what he is doing neither does he realize that he is destroying the rights of others. Need, this too is much essential to be considered because at times, we wish to process things which belong to others. Under these conditions, we might be tempted to become involved in injustice. The level of one’s inability and incompetence also contributes for the fact that at times, we may not be willing to deprive others of their rights but we cannot help it and unwillingly we become involved in injustice.

Selfishness and quest for revenge also contributes in injustice because sometimes, none of the above factors are responsible for our actions and decisions rather our selfishness leads us to trespass over the rights of others. Our desire for revenge might be another factor for getting involved in injustice. Our egocentrism might be responsible for the wrong inflicted by us on others. God has none of these defects due to the fact that He is All-knowing, He is in need for nothing, He has power over everything and He is kind towards everyone. It is therefore irrational to think that He could ever get involved in tyranny or injustice.

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