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Ramadan begins today

Bismillah Rahman Rahim.

 Greetings to all fellow Ghanaians and to all Muslims especially.As we all know that every year every Muslim must fast 30 times in a particular month.

 And by the grace of Allah,all Muslims have reach the exact month for fasting.And by Allah willing,we start the fasting today to break down any unauthorized and troubles.So far as you are a Muslim,you have to partake in this fasting only if you are healthier and stronger.

 All Muslims must bear in mind that this month is a particular month where some bad habits must be prevented and good deeds only are done.During the month of Ramadan,muslims have to help the poor and also pray for those who are disabled and sick.

 Every Muslim 18 years and above must be able to partake all the fasting to seek refuge and confession from Allah.

 I know that in this quiet note and advice,all Muslims will try their best and fast during every Ramadan season and also help the poor and needy.

 May the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) bless all my fellow Muslims everyday and night and may Allah give us a peaceful mind for this Ramadan.


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