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Check out 4 divine keys to become more powerful than Satan.

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Satan is the biblical Serpent and Lucifer who dwelled in the presence of God several billion years before the creation of man on earth. He was an anointed Cherub with four powerful wings and fiery eyes. Lucifer's feet was more transparent like glass and beautiful as mirror. When he lost the battle in heaven, God instructed angel Michael to cut his left wings leaving him with a severe wound yet to be healed. But the supernatural power in him was not taken away. The devil is a spirit with divine power to carry out his permissive will. His actions are restricted by boundless limitations only by God.

Man was created by God with supernatural power in the Garden of Eden. Adam used to see heaven and the heavenly angels praising God in the heavenly sanctuary directly from the garden. But something happened. When the first parents ate the forbidden fruit in the garden, sin entered them and God's supernatural power immediately disappeared. Their spiritual eyes were immediately closed. When Adam and Eve dropped the ball of dominion in the garden, the devil became more powerful than humanity. But wait and see.

God had another plan to bring a second Adam back into the cursed garden to defeat the will of the devil and brought back the dominion that was lost into the hands of all humanity. This second Adam was Jesus Christ. Truly, Jesus defeated the devil by casting him out of Mary Magdalene and freed several persons held captive by Satan. From Jesus own mouth, he saw the devil falling like lightening from the sky. When he resurrected from death, he sealed this power over the devil and all the principalities and powers in this age. All authority and power was vested in Jesus by his heavenly father, the Almighty God.

This short piece will unravel 4 divine keys to become more powerful than Satan himself and all the host of the fallen angels. Lets set the ball rolling. The following keys will make man more powerful than Satan and regain the old sinless Adamic nature as in the Garden of Eden.

(1) Pray for the forgiveness of your sins through the precious name of Jesus Christ.

Pray to the father through the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of all your since you were born. God will forgive you and renew you spiritual identity and mark your forehead with sonship identity mark to differentiate you from the rest of the people in the world. As simple as that.

(2) Ask God to baptise you with the holy spirit.

The holy spirit is the true spirit of the father promised to be poured out to all children in the end time. So pray seriously and request this powerful spirit to be imparted into you from the father. When you receive this spirit, you will become more powerful than Satan. Believe me brother. The holy spirit in you will make you more stronger, powerful and invincible to the devil. Lucifer will become like house flies in your eyes.

(3) Learn how to fast and pray with all seriousness.

Learn how to fast and pray to grow your spiritual body. Be firm in your prayers all the time. Seek fellowship with other anointed children of God and renew your spiritual vitality with the powerful word of the lord.

(4) Don't fall into sin.

Avoid deliberate or unintentional sin. Don't give any sin a chance in your life. Live a clean, holy, righteous life on earth all the days of your life. Remember that sin brought our downfall in the Garden of Eden. Avoid fornication or any sexual sin. Marry your wife and live with her all your days on earth.

If you carefully follow these steps, you are more powerful than Satan in everything including power. Remember Lucifer's destiny is clearly defined in Revelation 20:10.

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