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World famous people who are believed to have given their lives to the devil (see photos)

Someone is always looking for a simple way to gain more fun, money, or influence. I'm still fascinated by the extent to which certain people would go in order to obtain their most cherished goal. This list looks at three people who are thought to have resorted to the utmost evil to get what they want.

Pope Sylvester II

Pope Sylvester II was a well-educated man in his day. He is credited with designing the pressure driven organ, pendulum clock, and acquainting Arabic numerals with Western Europe. He is knowledgeable in science, cosmology, and mechanics. He also wrote books on algebra, natural science, poetry, philosophy, and theory. In the tenth century, Pope Sylvester II was the most important French Pope and unquestionably the most important. Following his death, rumors began to circulate that his extraordinary intellect – and, as a result, his inventive virtuoso – was the result of a deal with the devil. This was most likely due to his regular interaction with exceptional rational personalities in the Arab world, as well as his bold attempts to establish out simony in the Church.

Nicolo Paganini

Nicolo Paganini is regarded as one of the greatest violinists of all time. He learned to play the mandolin at the age of five and was performing by the age of seven. He started playing openly at the age of 12, but by the age of 16, he had a nervous breakdown and disappeared into a life of alcoholism. He slowed down and was the biggest music whiz by the age of 22. Paganini was capable of playing three octaves across four strings in a single hand range, which is almost unthinkable even by today's standards. At the age of 23, he composed 24 Caprices, and for a long time, no other musician was capable of performing much of his music. Crowds are said to have been moved to tears by his delicate game. Le Streghe, which translates to Witches' Dance, was one of his most famous works. Paganini made a deal with the fallen angel to execute extraordinary displays of strategy, and the crowds believed him. A few fans have claimed to see the villain assisting him during his performances. His body was refused a Catholic internment in Genoa on the grounds that he was denied the Last Rites in the Church and because of his widely assumed association with the villain. The body was allowed to be sent to Genoa after four years and an appeal to the Pope, but it was not guarded at the time. In 1876, his skeletal remains were finally exhumed from a Parma cemetery.

Gilles de Rais

With his pale blue dark facial hair, Gilles de Rais was regarded as perceptive, valiant, and highly attractive. He made his name when his father died in Gilles' twentieth year, destined to one of Brittany's most well-known families. He amassed enormous wealth and power, which eventually led to his downfall. Gilles was subjected to an attack of "keeping up with the Joneses," which resulted in the loss of a significant portion of his wealth. In a state of agitation, he began to investigate various avenues relating to the mysterious under the direction of a man named Francesco Prelati, who promised that Gilles could help him reclaim his lost wealth by sacrificing children to an evil spirit known as "Noble." Gilles assaulted, tormented, and killed somewhere between 80 and 200 children during his executing spree. He was tried, found guilty, and executed by hanging and consumption.

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