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The Biggest Charismatic Church Auditoriums In Ghana-2021(Opinion).

Christianity as it was formerly considered the white man's religion when it was first introduced in the early 15th century has now established its roots in Africa, precisely Ghana. Ghana is now a very religious country with Christianity dominating about eight-five to ninety percent of her population. Ghana can now, therefore boast of some of the biggest and nicest church auditoriums on the continent of Africa. The top five biggest and nicest church auditoriums in the country in this particular article include the following;


Perez Dome: this is the church auditorium of the Perez International Church, a congregation headed by Bishop Agyin-Asare. The Perez Dome has a capacity of 14,000.


The Qodesh: this is the church auditorium for the Light House. It is located in North Kaneshie and headed by Archbishop Duncan Haward Mills. The Light House International is considered the biggest charismatic church in Ghana, with the seating capacity of its headquarters, the Qodesh, being about 25,000.


International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), is an Evangelican Charismatic Christian church founded and headed by Dr Mensah Otabil is one of the biggest charismatic churches in Ghana. It has its headquarters at Abossey Okai, Accra.

The Prayer Cathedral: this is the church auditorium of the Action Chapel International. This temple which is located on the Spintex Road, can boast of a seating capacity of 8,000.The Action Chapel International is headed by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-william.

The Royal House International Church Auditorium: this is a congregation headed by Reverend Sam Korankye Ankra. The Royal House International Church, is a Bible believing, charismatic church where the power and anointing of God abound.

If you know of any church auditorium bigger than the ones mentioned, hit us in the comments section

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