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Blood as a seal of marital covenant

Marriage is the precious thing in life, in the old testament bible blood was use as a seal of covenant for atonement of our sin. So every year the old testament patriarch will offer sacrifice and the blood will be use to atone for their sins. God is a spirit and every spirit demand blood before the covenant between them can work. That is why the blood of Jesus Christ was poured so that the covenant between we and God can work. In marriage the blood that will gush out during their first honeymoon is use to bind the marital covenant between the husband and the wife by God. Nowadays because of fornication the covenant has already been bind elsewhere. That is why marriage are collapsing nowadays because the covenant has taken place with someone whom they they have already broke up. Until prayer is made to break that covenant, the union of the woman together with another man will never stand. That is prayers are mostly made all in the name of marriage. We should live for Christ.

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