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Does it really matter to burry T.B Joshua with a transparent casket

When we traced back the biblical stories,we could come to a common resolution or conclusion that Jesus Christ was not accorded any final respect after his death as compared to the prophets' and leaders of this current generations. When Jesus Christ passed on after his crucifixion, he was burried though, but his burrial could be the most degrading burrial of all time. He was wrapped in a tattered cloth and was taken to the tomb. "Low and behold" he has risen on the third day. My argument however,is that can any prophet of this current generation arise when burried with the most expensive "casket" ? The answer is NO because the life most of these religious leaders are leaving,is not worth emulating at all. This has brought as to the baseline that none of these prophets' can't arise even if burried with this kind of casket. When you read from the three synoptic gospels,we could understand that Jesus Christ was a simple entity who doesn't chase these earthly things but in the contrary, this current religious leaders are much more into wealth, duping of the poor and ignorant ones. Many of them can boast of numerous properties which are willed in the name of their children. All of these diametrically justify the fact that most of these current generation of religious leaders can't make heaven since they are unable to lead a simple lifestyle. Burying with transparent or casket made with gold will not bring back the dead. It is not the gateway to heaven either. Burying religious leaders with costly items such as; transparent casket, diamond casket and whatsoever is just a sign of showing off the potential of the deceased in regards to his wealth which he or she has acquired through coercive ways and dubious means so it isn't necessary to burry anyone with such an expensive casket since it won't change the story. Let us use these monies to careter for the less privileged and the poor out there.

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