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The Secret Benefits Of Fasting

1. Effects on the liver:

From the food taken during fasting and from the glycogen stored in the liver, the necessary nutrients are carried in the blood during the whole day of fasting. When the glycogen storage in the liver is depleted, blood glucose is supplied through the metabolism of fats stored in the liver and adipose tissue. As a result, there is an opportunity for a fasting person to lose liver fat and excess body weight. It is better to fast for those who have accumulated fat in their liver.

2. Quit smoking:

Many cannot quit smoking despite their desire to do so. Fasting is a good time for them. Quit or reduce harmful and bad habits like smoking this during fasting.

3. Digestion is effective:

Long-term hunger is not suppressed through fasting; fasting, it is gradually training hunger. As a result, the level of hunger also decreases at the end of fasting. As the digestive process of the esophagus becomes more efficient, it is possible to collect more nutrients from the food.

♦Complications can be avoided:

Fasting does not only keep a person stomach or heart active; It is also beneficial for many other diseases. Especially during fasting, smoking and drug use are stopped as it protects against the attack of complex diseases like cancer, heart failure and stroke.

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