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You Are 'Foolish' To Pay Tithes To Your Pastor;Avraham Ben Moshe Boldly Declares

Someone say if you have never paid tithe before that means you will never received riches or you never grow to be financially stable. Hmm, is that true? But what of those who are successful in life and have not been paying their tithes. Many pay this tithing but the secret to riches is not in tithing. The leader of common sense family has indicated in his Sunday church service that its foolish for Christians to pay their tithes to pastors.

He opined that "You are a foolish person to go about donating money to pastor for church building project and paying tithe, whereas school authority keep sending your children home for not paying their fees".

This nonsense happen because humans love to give due to their firm belief in the Bible, that's why when they come out to do this donation observe their demeanor, very hopeful yet they go home with poverty. But your family at home are not properly taking care of, I pity you.

Your pastors are playing mind games with you by making your sing useless worship songs to slow your mind. They then begin reading the senseless message of the Bible with stupid sermons. It is mind games to deceive you.

You can watch the full video here.

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Avraham Ben Moshe


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