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Archbishop Duncan May Be Owning a Private Jet, According to These Two Rare Pictures or Hired One

The likes of Bishop David Oyedepo and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri are just a few men of God from Africa who all own private jets. It is news here in Africa, maybe because of the endemic nature of poverty that is found in this part of the world, however in many other places, it is no news really that, the pastor of a mega international church owns one of these.

With a number of pastors and close associates of the Archbishop, known to own private jets which they use when travelling for their assignments especially in Nigeria, he may have been forced to own one or at least, may have joined a network which affords him one to use, anytime he has to embark on any international travelling.

Interestingly, whereas the renowned General Overseer of the Action Chapel Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, believes there is nothing wrong with having a man of God owning a private jet, he had stated on record that, maintaining a private jet in this part of world could prove a difficult task, especially looking at the economic situation of most African countries, as according to him, “it’s going to take a lot of innovative thinking because the maintenance is more expensive.”

But from these pictures sighted, he may well have been blessed by God, to have the needed wealth finally to own one and maintain it. This may not be against his initial stand totally, as he had emphasized the that, in his view, "the problem should rather lie with how you generate the money to buy the private jet, insisting if it is genuine then there is nothing wrong."

he had made these known few years ago, when he was the guest on the Starr Chat show then hosted by renowned entertainment host and radio personality, Bola Ray on Starr FM. Though the Archbishop, Duncan-Williams was then not too enthused about owning one, he was not against it either as he said, “I have people I’ve trained who are sons of mine who have private jets in Nigeria and owning a jet is not a problem. It’s not about affording it, apart from it being a gift, there are some networks in America where you can be part of some arrangement where you can have a jet at your disposal, maybe 10 or 12 times in a year and you pay some fee and maintain it and everything.”

In the following pictures, whereas he is seen in one reclining in his seat comfortably with his biological son next to him and joined by a man and a lady in the same plane, his grandchild, was seen at the cockpit of a plane, when the Archbishop's Daughter, Mrs. Ella Duncan King, had shared the picture to mark her daughter's birthday.

The plane is not the usually big ones, clearly indicative that, both pictures are from the same plane and not the usually seen commercial ones. The closets this ay come to be commercial one may well be that, the obviously blessed senior cleric may have paid some good huge monies to hire it for an international travel. If this is not a common way to travel, we can even speculate that, his biggest travel of late was when he was invited to pray for the then USA leader and may be, this may have been a well deserved privilege for this high calling to minister powerfully to such a recognized world leader.

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