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You must never allow fear to be ruling over your life if your life in Christ Jesus is stable.

Friends of our Living God. What is going on in your life and is making you feel uncomfortable and you wish if you had not been born might have been better? How is your life in God? Have you forgotten about the truth about God's love and faithfulness for His children especially to them that love and trust in Him?

Perhaps, you are not supposed to be in fear of any evil. For in the Word of God according to Psalm 23 verse 4. It says God is with me. So even if I walk through the any evil and darkness, but I am not afraid of anything. Now Hebrew chapter 13 verse 6. The Word of our God. He who created the Universe. Is hammering on the same point of power of His Word that ; this is what He's telling us from His Heart and He mean it.

Now therefore, We must rather focus on Bringing our testimony to Him and Praise and Worship Him in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit. And rejoice in Him and let others, whose faith is not yet in Him, should also canceled and we should all serve Him. For we are all His children and must serve God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. I always tell Myself and others that we must allow God to take pleasure in using us as He uses Joshua and healed him from fear. But Encourage him to do something Great and at the end of it all, Joshua has Boldly testify about the Greatness of God together with his Generations. And I learned that it takes the Generations of Joshua to follow and Humble ourselves and Love and serve God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ in our days of today no matter what the world is chasing at. Be part of us so that we take pleasure in serving our Lord God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. You shall never regret walking with God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. And if you do it faithfully. Bless You.

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