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If I Donate to National Cathedral, Call me “Otoolege.” Ghanaians Express Their Anger.

Fellow Ghanaians, Dial *979# and contribute to the building of the National Cathedral. This is a piece of information that came from the President of the Republic of Ghana- H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo. Indeed, it is good to contribute to the work(s) of the Lord.

Ghana is a Christian country! We say this all the time even though the nation constitutionally recognizes three religions, be it: Islamic, Traditional and Christianity. There is no doubt that the majority of the people in Ghana are Christians and we pride ourselves on that.

Just recently, the Islamic community of Ghana had their biggest worship Centre which was built by the Turkish government. Indeed, the building was magnificent and gigantic. The stretch of land it sits on alone shows how impressive the edifice is. This gesture pleases Allah according to the Islamic religion.

The Christians on the other hand too needed something they could call the home of worship. A place to glorify God and please the Maker should be our attention now. President Akuffo Addo told Ghanaians he made a promise to God that when he becomes a president, he will build an edifice to exalt and glorify His name. Today, as the President of the Republic of Ghana, he has decided to honour his promise.

After his declaration to build such a huge and costly edifice, the majority of Ghanaians expressed their disapproval of the decision. According to many citizens of Ghana, there are more pressing and important matters to attend to than a religious building. Yet still, the building is still under construction. Many religious organizations have pledged their support for the initiative.

However, many Ghanaians have still not come to terms with the idea. So, after the President requested concerned Ghanaians to contribute to the building, some Ghanaians quickly expressed their refusal to do that. For many, they didn’t ask the President to start the building in the first place. Again, it wasn’t them who made a promise to God to build a church. They said:

I won’t donate da

If I donate, call me "meimuna"

If I donate, call me Otoolege

For many, however, it is a gesture they will do to show their love and appreciation to God. Like Rome, the Roman Cathedral in Italy was built with the money of citizens and today, many people visit the centre for many purposes. Besides, in Ghana, this same building could be used for many other events. We always complain about Ghana lacking large places for events. This could be the answer.

Are you going to dial the *979# and contribute to the building of the National Cathedral?


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