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God is Great: See Photos Of Before & After Surgery of Indian Boy Who Was Born With A Hanging Head

Mahendra Ahirwar is a thirteen-year-old boy whose health caused sleepless nights for his parents since his birth 13 years ago. His head was hanging and could not be upright, since he was given birth to.

God still loves us very much in spite of our health issues, that's why he always offers solutions to our problems. This is a story of an Indian thirteen year old boy who was born in a unique way. He was born with his head hanging on his neck, and it couldn't stand upright like the normal head should.

Picture of him before the surgery:

Unfortunately, his parents have spent a fortune to take their son from specialist doctors to local doctors. Sadly, they do not have anybody to assist them with money to go through the procedure that was required of him.

Doctors have described Mahendra's physical disability as Congenital Myopathy. This means a serious complication in which neck bones are badly affected. Infact, it becomes very weak that they can't stand straight on the neck.

Pictures of him after the surgery:

However, after a mother of 2 from Liverpool created a charity page to beg for charity for Mahendra, he was then given a life changing surgery by a former NHS specialist. The procedure was done by a spinal surgeon Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan from the Apollo Hospital of Delhi.

No condition is permanent, and God is really wonderful.....if you believe God is able to do all things don't hesitate to praise his name.

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Indian Mahendra Ahirwar


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