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In a video, Prophetess declares, "Men who wear jeans support anti-Christ."

Jeans, according to the prophetess, are an anti-christ instrument. As a result, males who wear it are indirectly promoting the anti-Christ ideology.

As a result, she is urging males to refrain from wearing jeans.

"Let me tell you about jeans, especially you brothers," she says. I was advanced to the highest level of the kingdom of darkness — executive member — in the kingdom of darkness. Before Jesus Christ arrested me, we sat in a meeting with Lucifer face to face. So we were meeting on a regular basis at the time. "We have meetings in Russia, California, and in the 999 worlds," he explained.

"So there was a day when we were having a conference in the 999 realms and one of the agents asked, 'How do we recruit people into the kingdom of anti-Christ, how do we control their hearts?'" she added. And, believe it or not, JEANS' real name is 'Global Uniform of Anti-Christ.' So, by wearing jeans, you are facilitating the coming of the Antichrist. Do you follow me?

Watch video below..

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