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At the meeting, Lucifer fell down from his seat when the Name of Jesus was mentioned by accident

This is a testimony of Mr. Lukuntu, a former Occultist whose testimony will tell us about the secrets of the devil. My Page name is known as Jesus-is-Coming. So, if you are a Christian, please subscribe to my page by clicking on the + Follow button above for more of posts that will drive us to heaven.

He recalls one day when they were in the world of "Tartarus." They were in the midst of a conversation with Lucifer. There was a Satanist from Togo who had pronounced Jesus' name out of accident, and everyone in the room, including Lucifer, fell to the ground.

Lucifer was thrown from his throne and landed on the floor. Beloved, in the name of Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue, including the devil's, must confess that Jesus is Lord. If They have a genuine relationship with Jesus, they have no reason to fear the devil. 

Being at Lucifer's disposal, he could represent him as a ghost. He possessed the ability to metamorphose; He could transform into a mosquito, a frog, an owl, a sparrow hawk, a crocodile, a snake, and so on.

Lucifer even gave him the ability to transform into a woman in order to cause God's servants to commit adultery. He saw the devil's glory, He saw his organization, and He came to the conclusion that the devil is powerful.

Even today, He recognize the devil's power, but Jesus is the Almighty, He is above all things, and He makes the devil and all his demons tremble.

Beloved, he indicated the most important lessons he learnt in 25 years of Occultism. He summarized it by saying that, if you fear the Lord Jesus, all that Lucifer will try to do against you will be null and void, and all those who will try to join forces against you will fail, and everything they will do will come back to them with immediate consequences in the name of Jesus.

You must constantly pray to God to blind all of your enemies. If they are in perfect communion with the Lord, all the words that come from our mouths will be approved by God. Know that the world in which we live is a world ruled by the devil.

Since his fall, the devil has realized that his time is limited, and in his perdition, he wishes to take everyone with him. The devil is real, and he exists. And his mission is to lead humans astray, to lead them away from God's will.

Subscribe to this page for the continuation of the story. This is just the beginning of the terror this man did to the world, especially Christians in general. Please share this message so others can read as well. If you have any question or contribution, put it in the comment section, I will respond to every one of them. If you’ve learnt something that you did not know, give this article a thumbs-up (like) and do not forget, that Jesus will come very soon, Amen.

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