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Ethiopia: The Country with a 13-month calendar

Ethiopia is one of a few countries in the world with it's own calendar. The Ethiopian calendar is the official calendar of Ethiopia. The calendar is also used in Ethiopian Orthodox churches where it was first used.

The Ethiopia calendar is similar to the Coptic Egyptian calendar with both having 13 months, 12 of which have 30 days and an intercalary month at the end of the year called Pagume which means 'forgotten days' in Greek.

The Ethiopian calendar is also seven years and eight months behind the Western calendar, making the 11th of September,2021 the start of 2014 in Ethiopia.

This is because it has a different way of calculating the birth year of Jesus Christ. After the Catholic Church amended its calculation in 500 AD, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church did not make any amendments.

So the new year falls on 11 September in the Western calendar, or 12 September in leap years, at the start of spring.

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