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'I didn’t Ask To Be Born, I Don’t Owe God Anything, Why Worship Him In Return?’ Lady Says

Religion is a major catalyst for human behavior in today's world, and both major religions have influenced the way people think and live. Traditional beliefs have been marginalized or lost in media coverage in African society, but many people prefer to practice them in their different cultures.

Those who worship in the traditional way also have faith, but they worship a certain God; They all belong to the most difficult group. Anyone who believes in God or theology, be it Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Ifa, is the darkest.

Religion is exploited by those who hide behind it and commit crimes, but everyone who is objective understands that no religion encourages or justifies evil. Hatred, harassment, illegal adultery, murder and many other things are condemned by all major religions.

There are also skeptics who don't believe in the presence of a god or gods, and these people can be found all over the land and are against any diet. On Twitter, an atheist named Ifa Funcho wonders why God should be worshiped when life should be a gift from him.

He has a number of tweets in which he questions a person's ability to think and whether people follow modern religion.

In her own words, “I didn't want the world to exist and I didn't want to be born. So how do I owe God something? According to theists, life is a gift from God. Why is worship expected in return if it is a gift? This is the equivalent of a fee for services that you did not request. What do I owe God? "

Everyone has the right to follow the religion they choose, and respecting the beliefs of others is one of the highest forms of education. Since he is an atheist, his intentions in this matter are personal. Atheists are of course open to dialogue, but without a doubt they must be convinced that there is a god worthy of the worship of the strongest.

As a theist or believer in heaven, could you get a better answer on how to owe your life to God?

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