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Check out how a pastor practically described heaven to his church members.

Wonders shall never end on this Earth indeed. Everyday comes with new news and events. To be honest these Prophets and men of God will kill us with their characters and miracles.

On today's update, the founder and leader of Rabboni Church Center , Pastor Daniel, practically described how heaven look like to his church members by introducing bed, flowers, perfumes and etcetera to the church.

Although it has been alleged that, this pastor is very controversial, but infact his reactions towards his members solidifies their faith in the church.

The prophet on the bed explained how peaceful and joyful will be to his members. He therefore encouraged his members to establish a good life as well as to repent from their sins. He concluded that God will wipe away all sinners on the face of the earth and take His people home, where there will be great joy.

After the sermon , there has been several comments from different and angle and different perspective. Others see it as unnecessary and the reason is: instead for a pastor to buy some innovative things that will empower people for Christ, he is rather buying bed and flowers, to just portray how heaven looks like and does he even knows how paradise look like?

This and many more comments are dropping, please share yours here. How does heaven looks like?

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Daniel Rabboni Church Center


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