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God's Word: Are You Alone?

Psalms 70 - 72.  

And the Lord God said,it is not good that man should be alone;I will make him an help meet for him. Genesis 2 :18.

Everyone needs company of someone else,so you were not created to be all alone. After God created man,He watched him go about his business until one day, God concluded that he had a problem of loneliness, and therefore gave him Eve (Gen 2 :18). Satan likes to keep company with those who are lonely,so he and his agents have successfully used strategy against people especially believers giving them reasons to believe everybody hates them or do not care about them. This they do to make such people avoid others; consequently removing them from an environment of accountability.


Child of God, if you are alone and not positively engaging your time, satan or your flesh will engage you. It is commonly said that “the idle mind is the devil's workshop", secret sins thrive in lonely moments (Psa 19 :12). It is easier to resist temptation when you have a fellow Christian believer beside you than when you are all alone. When you are all by yourself, be very careful with what you see since there is no one to check you.


You are to watch your mind gate (Prov 4 :23). Do not just allow any thought to play on your mind. Equally, watch your body; it may become pushier, trying to compel you to fumble with it through masturbation when you are lonely. Equally keep your taste buds in check as they may begin to crave liquor or beer at those lonely times. When people are around, be on your guard, but when no one is around, increase your spiritual vigilance.


My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray now, Holy Spirit take over my mind not to fall into any secret sin when alone, in Jesus name..

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