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Covenant Day Of Breaking Generational Curses-Bishop David Oyedepo

Preaching on the theme covenant day of breaking generational curses and Gateway to Financial Abundance, Bishop Oyedepo said every believer is entitled to financial abundance through the Abrahamic covenant and the redemption of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ has redeemed the believer from the curse of the law hence the believer is automatically entitled to enjoying and living a life of financial abundance and prosperity

Quoting scriptures from the book of Isaiah in the Bible, the bishop said prosperity and financial abundance do not come through prayer or fasting. That prosperity and abundance comes through wisdom and knowledge of the principles that are required for prosperity and abundance

The kingdom key for financial abundance and prosperity is the seed and harvest time covenant. The covenant of seed and harvest time which most people largely translate into offering and tithing also includes soul winning.

Whilst it’s important to always give an offering, sometimes people are unable to give because they do not have the financial ability to give hence other ways that one can give to God like soul winning is very important

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Covenant Day Of David Oyedepo Isaiah Jesus Christ Oyedepo


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