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Why Mary Is Not The Mother Of JESUS pt. 1

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is Lord (God) but some concepts in Christianity defeats this belief. The fact is that NO human can give birth to a god except a demi god. A demi god is someone with one parent as human and other spirit like the nephilims. How possible the Almighty God, could be born to a human parent.

I can strongly disagree from the following angle in this episode;

From the Biological point of view, there is no way out for Mary to be the mother of Yeshua (Jesus). According to Science, it takes the Egg or Ovary of woman to claim motherhood and it takes the sperm of the man. When the sperm meets the egg it forms a Zygote which develops into a child.

From the birth of Christ, did Mary contribute any egg? For Joseph we all know he is totally out of the picture. If Mary contributed an egg, did she produce a sperm as well?

Someone may argue that, oh but Jesus was conceived by Mary. Conceiving a baby doesn’t make you the biological mother. Ever hear of surrogacy? Common example is Kenya West and wife Kim Kadashian. Their sperm and egg were taken and put in another woman’s womb to develop and be delivered of. So in this instance who are the parents? In this case the child belongs to Mr. and Mrs. West since their Egg and Sperm were used. This can be compared to the issue of the birth of Christ Jesus. Mary just conceived Him without contributing her Egg to form Him.

I know this issue is very controversial, so I will be bringing my readers more facts in my consequent articles to back my claims up.

Please what is your take on this? Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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