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Dreams and their meanings; NEVER ever ignore these dreams.

Believe it or not, this life goes beyond the physical. Some people chose not to believe this and are are now suffering various degrees of irreversible damage.

Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, sometimes God gives you fore-knowledge about what is going to happen but complacency causes us not to believe.

This article explores the various dreams people have and what those dreams actually mean.

Knowing the meanings of our dreams also informs us of what we should be talking to God about whenever we pray.

What are we waiting for?

Let's begin;

1. Singing - overcoming a problem

2. Holding keys - Prosperity

3. Sitting on a horse - Leadership

5. Picking snails - Lateness in life

6. Walking in mud or on a marshy land - lateness in life

7. Killing with cutlass - a powerful preacher of God's word

8. Plucking pepper from its plant - Painful experiences in life

9. Eating in your dream - sickness

10. If your hair is being cut - curse

11. Winning a fight - success

As I said earlier, this life involves more than just what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our noses, taste with our tongues and feel with our skins.

You have seen the meanings to some of your most common dreams.

Depending on what dreams you've been having, whether positive or negative, pray to God/Allah for His intervention.

If negative, may He rescue you from it, and if

positive, may He let it come to pass.

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