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Opinion: We Need Jobs And Not Prison.

One issue that is now trending in Ghana is the leadership of the church of Pentecost building prison at Ejura. This development by the church of Pentecost has received backlash from Ghanaians because majority believes that most members of the church are in needy and the money used for this could have at least helped to curb their problem rather than establishing the prison structure.

Every Opinion is however welcomed but I would Like to stress that, the leadership of Pentecost didn't just get up and started building prison, some meeting and measures might have been considered before boldly landing on such decision. Eventhough they might have considered many options but it is true the church got it wrong.

Why do you build prison and not Businesses to employ the hand that is not working ? The church should have considered the fact that, the devil finds work for the hand that does not work.

Churches in Ghana need to help build business infrastructures that would make the economy great thereby providing jobs for the youth rather than prisons.

Moreover the church should trust their evangelism mechanism and believe the sinners are repenting.


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