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What is the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost?

Over the centuries the translators of our common version English Bible have used the phrase “Holy Ghost” without any authority. The original Greek word is “pneuma” which means spirit. In more recent times the Revised Version of the New Testament changed the word “Ghost” to read “spirit”.

There is no scripture that reason to think of or speak of the Holy Spirit as another God, distinct from the personality of the father and the Son. On that contrary, notice the fact that it was the Father’s spirit that was communicated to our Lord Jesus, as it is written, “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me because he has appointed me to preach the Gospel”(Luke 4:18).

The Holy Spirit variously defined in the Scriptures as: “The spirit of God”, “The Spirit of Christ”, “The Spirit of Holiness”, “The Spirit of Truth”, “The spirit of Sound Mind”, “The spirit of Liberty”, “The spirit of the Father”, “The spirit of ”, “The spirit of promise”, “The spirit of Meekness”, “The spirit of Understanding”, “The spirit of Wisdom”, “The spirit of Glory”, “The spirit of Counsel”, “The spirit of Go Prophecy”.

The various titles, repeated many times, and used interchangeably, give us the full, prosper assurance that they all relate to the same Spirit Amen.


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