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Apostle Okoh Agyemang's Church at Tema Demolished By Unknown Thugs

The leader and founder of Living Yahweh 7th Day Sabbath Assemblies, Apostle Philemon Okoh Agyemang's church, has been pulled down on Friday 17th September, by unidentifed men. Apostle Okoh Agyemang broke the news on 7DS tv on friday evening.

The barbaric incident occured at the blindside of the leaders of the church whiles they were preparing to worship the living Yahweh the next day. Some of the church members were at the premises preparing the grounds for worship the next day only to be ambush by strange personalities including two policemen in two Taxi cabs. The men positioned themselves at vantage points around the church. A bulldozer arrived few minutes later and the thugs ordered the devotees to leave the premises for demolishing of the structure. .

Efforts made by the devotees to inform their leaders were thwarted as their phones were seized by the security men present for either attempting to make calls or take video of the demolishing exercise. Church members who got hint of the occurence mobilized themselves to defend their rights but their efforts was curtailed by their leader and founder who believed that vengeance is the lords.

The ironic part of the incident is that, the building was about 90 percent completed and no litigation issues about the land have been hinted. No court order has been served, yet some people got the audacity to enter the premise with bulldozer to demolish the structure. Other churches which were few meters closer remain untouched. What led to the demolition of the Tema Community 3 branch of the church still remains a mystery.

The head pastor, Apostle Philemon Okoh Agyemang, 'the Dynamic Preacher', has instructed his members to remain calm. However, members had their usual service today by erecting tents beside the demolishes structure and worship the living Yahweh in peace.

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