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When You Insult The Elderly On Social Media, That's A Curse;Archbishop Salifu Preaches On Witchcraft

Bishop Salifu Amoako the founder and leader of Alive Chapel International has sermonized this afternoon and made some serious revelation on witchcraft and the youth insulting and fighting for better living conditions in the country. The revered preacher speaking on Kingdom FM, preached on the topic of witchcraft.

He explained what witchcraft is and what it does. Witchcraft is a spirit of destruction. In the satanic kingdom, its the smallest but the dangerous. It destroys and doesn't do good. It is a spirit of destruction that's why Jesus Christ said the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. The witchcraft spirit destroys a country, soul, fate and destiny.

Many are under the spirit of witchcraft and just take a look back at your life. Everything is not going on well and that's the spirit of mischief which can affect your mind. Even when somebody speaks the truth you see it as lies. Anytime you eat in a dream that's also a witchcraft spirit and your spirit becomes contaminated.

Ghanaians love to talk and when you sit on social media and insults somebody that's not good. Those who have the opportunity to live outside the country and instead of bettering your life, you insult the elderly. When you look at your father straight in the face and tell him you are a fool that's a curse, he said.

You can watch the full video here.

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A Curse Alive Jesus Christ Salifu Salifu Amoako


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