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Sign Of End Time: Here's The Man Who Dresses Like a Woman to Every Occasion Because Of What He Gets

When we were small, our parents used to tell us that the youths are the future of this world, but now we are grown up, and the future is right here in front of us, but the youths who are supposed to be the future are the ones ruining the present.

When you see most of the bad things happening around us, it is so disheartening to see that the youths are the catalyst of those things. The rise in gay and lesbianism has increased to the extent that a lot of youths are found wanting in recent times. This is too bad, we should allow the word of God to prevail on us by not committing unnecessary sins that may lead us to hell.

The end time is surely near because cross-dressing habits have taken over the world. Young men now dress like women and young women dress like men. Some even go as far as changing their gender through surgery procedures, and it is totally against the teachings of God.

Marenzo, as he's popularly known, is a South African who came into limelight after he uploaded a series of pictures online. It was reported that she claimed to engage in this act to attract rich men who are always interested in having an affair with cross-dressers. For Marenzo, for Marenzo it's strictly because of the money and nothing else.

South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana are the leading countries in Africa when it comes to cross-dressing, the rate at which people engage in such an act has increased a lot recently.

The perfect example is this case of this young man we are talking about in this article who goes by the name Marenzo from South Africa who is following the footsteps of people like Bobrisky, another popular cross-dresser from Nigeria.

Although Marenzo looks perfectly like a woman because of his curves and his backside. The fact is that they do all these things for money and to attract people's attention for them to be noticed on social media channels.

Do you think he has a good reason for turning himself into a woman? your opinion matters a lot

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