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This pastor wanted to challenge a lion to prove that God was with him

The ways of the Lord are unsearchable. This is what Alec Ndiwane must have said to himself, a South African Christian who was not afraid to proclaim himself as a prophet and also a pastor within the "Zion Christian Church", "a church in African institution "independent of the Vatican".

To demonstrate his divine power in the face of the world, he did not hesitate to charge lions in the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Pastor Alec, no doubt inspired by certain characters in the Bible who with the power of God had succeeded in performing supernatural feats.

Reference is made to Samson and Daniel in the lion's den who had escaped without any scratches.

The Pretoria-based Man of God was on a sightseeing tour with worshipers from his church in Kruger National Park.

Suddenly, he began to speak in "tongue" while walking towards the animals which were peacefully sharing their meal.

As a result, he was severely attacked by lions, fortunately he got out of it.

This is what the South African site Daily Post reported, 4 years ago.

Indeed, the pastor got out of a 4x4 before running towards a pack of lions.

But the felines, rather than being scared, reacted by rushing towards Alec Ddiwane.

Without the intervention of a park ranger who fired several bullets to scare off predators, he died there.

The lions gave him a little reminder by showing him the limits of his territory.

It should not be forgotten that a wild animal, even after being tamed, always remains wild.

And that, Pastor Alec can testify in his parish. I repeat that everyone respects their territory and everything will be fine. Read more.

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