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Start Seeing Angels, Where to Look and How to See Your Angels

Angels surround you, guiding you and keeping an eye on you from behind the scenes. You can learn to see your angels with your own eyes with a little practice and persistence, as well as a little technique and setting the goal.

When angels emerge energetically (which they frequently do), you can see them by relaxing your focus and seeing through the air in front of you, between the particles of light, to see your angels with your intuitive mind and spiritual sight.

Angels appear with wings on occasion, but not always. They don't require wings to fly, but they will appear with wings on occasion to indicate their ability to carry out the Divine plan and to help you distinguish them. Angels with big magnificent wings, small fairy-like wings, and angels with no wings at all, simply radiating light from inside, have all appeared to me.

A Simple Process for Seeing An Angel:

Begin by bringing in the light. Assume you're surrounded by dazzling white light. Your energy is cleansed, uplifted, and protected by white light.

Imagine a ball of white light all around you, glowing like the sun and extending outwards from your heart.

This light energy attracts high vibrating entities such as angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides that wish to help you. Self-serving, lower frequency creatures that may only wish to terrify, confuse, or otherwise screw with you are also repelled by the light. Always call in the light first when reaching the realms of spirit for this reason... It links your point of attraction with high-vibrational unconditional-love folks who are advantageous to connect with.

Seeing Angels In Nature

You can see angels… Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look! The angels have often told me: “Look for us in nature.“

Go to a wonderful natural setting where you may relax and unwind for a bit. Request that your angels enter your current environment and assist you in tuning into their presence.

Then, slowly gaze into a grove of trees, a field of flowers, a moving river, or a crystal-clear blue lake... Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature all around you by simply being present. A calm, unattached glance is essential.

Be mindful, take a deep breath, and pay attention. Do you catch a glint out of the corner of your eye, or do you get a mental image of an angel that looks almost like a memory, or do you see light sparkles dancing over the grass or among the trees?...You just saw angels!

This may seem too subtle at first, and you may want more… Keep practicing, raising your vibration, paying attention and through this seeing and knowing the presence of your angels will become more clear, real and vivid.

You can see, feel, and experience many different forms of angels. Warrior angels, protection angels, teaching angels, guiding angels, nature angels, guardian angels, angels of wisdom, abundance, creativity, joy, inspiration, passion, laughter, and a plethora of other angels may appear to you. Angels are also sent to keep an eye on certain locations, persons, projects, and even concepts.

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