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Stop Doing it in Church: See What Pastor's Wife Did inside The Church That Got People Angry

Nowadays, the fashion industry has made it very difficult for a woman to get a dress that would cover all parts of her body. Moreover, most of them don't even care, as they deliberately want the dresses they wear to reveal their figure and certain parts of their body.

Indecent dressing or immoral dressing simply means deliberate exposure of a person's body to the public. Indecent dressing is a social vice, which goes against the norms and values of society, and it is common among women in our society, most women are guilty, young and old.

The picture that is displayed above has attracted different reactions and opinions from many internet users. The controversial picture is that of a woman, who is a pastor's wife, wearing an ungodly robe to preach on the altar of God.

Over the years, immoral dressing has been permitted in some churches. A church is supposed to be a holy place, but recently it's been legalised with young people in ungodly robes, and no one seems to be doing anything. The worst part is that women ministers, like women pastors, choirs, ushers, among others, are also guilty of this.

Surprisingly, the female pastor, who wore pants (which is meant for men) and an armless top, was defended by some people, saying there was nothing wrong with what she was wearing. Some people also condemned her dressing, saying that such a robe should not be worn on the altar.

Here is what people are saying about her dressing:

A lot of people were so angry to see the indecent dressing of the woman who dressed like a slay queen with high heeled shoes and plated hairs. Although, some people said there is nothing wrong with her dressing but is her dressing in accordance with what the Bible teaches us?, God is the only one who can judge everyone of us.

Do you think it's appropriate for a pastor's wife to dress like that? Your opinion matters alot

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