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9 Effective Spiritual Applications for Momordica Charantia or Nyanya Leaves

In our spiritual lives, our ancestors employed Nyanya leaves, also known as Momordica charantia, in a variety of ways, like property protection, money and personal protection as well.

Great Kings and spiritualists around the world currently use it for a variety of spiritual objectives.

9 Powerful uses of almighty Nyanya leaves:

1. To draw favor to your side, grind some nyanya leaves or Momordica Charantia and apply a very small amount to your forehead

2. Collect enough Nyanya, and then soak it in rainwater. To ward off any evil spirits, sprinkle the leaves across your environment.

3. To avoid spiritual marriages, tuck at least three of the leaves beneath your pillow.

4. To draw money to oneself, put at least one leaf in your pocket or handbag each day.

5. To banish any negativity brought on by these malevolent spirits, take a bath with leaves.

6. To strengthen your soul, apply olive oil to your body after grinding seven (7) of the leaves.

7. To stop these evil spirits from operating in your room, place the leaves in its four corners.

8. To stop these evil spirits from causing accidents, put at least two leaves in your automobile.

9. To make your finances really powerful, grind the leaves with salt and apply it to your palm.

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