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Nigel Gaisie drops prophecies about ‘Umuofia’ with details from Ghana and says it’s not Ghana

Leader and founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has once again caused stir after dropping series of prophecies despite the directive from the Ghana Police about certain prophecies some of these people make. Many people were looking up to how some of these prophets were going to go about their prophecies. Just before the prophecy, Prophet Nigel Gaisie stated emphatically that, he is not prophesying to the nation of Ghana, nor the people of Ghana, due to the by force rules set on them.

He however stated that, he is prophesying to the nation Umuofia, According to him some of the things he saw were, A heavy cloud of darkness covering the head of state of Umoufia. He stated that, we should take the prophecy serious. He also stated that, He saw his deputy using means to trigger the quick passing away of the Head of state. He stated that, he saw something that had happened in Umuofia repeat again, where the head of state shoes was been worn by his deputy.

Prophet Nigel also warned to state of Umuofia of a Terrorist attack. Even though he didn’t mention Ghana, most people have given their interpretations. With this it will be very difficult to take Prophet Nigel on, since he didn’t mention anyone’s name or the name Ghana.

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