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'Saviours' Who Were Born By Virgins And Resurrected After Death Before Christ

List of Saviours Born By Virgin Before Christ

      Before the advent of Christ Yeshua, there have been a number of Messiahs who came to various part of the world with a unique birth, message and death which was curried across the world before Christ.

In the book of Act 14, Paul was called Hermes and Barnabas, Horus (Greece Zeus).


Horus of Egypt was born around 3000 B.C. After Osiris his father was killed by Set, Isis his mother resurrected him. When Osiris was resurrected, he was unfit to rule the material world and therefore assigned the god of the underworld because he had lost one of his body part. Isis needed one who would take over his husband’s kingship. Isis without any intercourse with a man conceived Horus her son. Protecting him from being killed by Set, she went and hid herself and the child in the Delta region of Egypt. By age 30, Horus has grown in stature and strength. He performed many miracles and had followers. He was popularly identified as “the Light”, "King of Kings", "God of The Living not the Dead" etc. He resurrected after death. His testimony and worship was found throughout Egypt which spread to the Grecio –Roman world.

       There is no doubt the worship of Isis and Horus influenced early Christianity in the Common Era through the concept of the virgin birth, dying and resurrection.


Mithra of Persia was born around 1200 B.C. He was born by a virgin. He performed many wonders which earned him the title “truth and light”

 Mithra is described in the Zoroastrian Avesta scriptures as “Mithra of Wide Pastures … ,Lofty and the everlasting". He is also believed to come out from Rock. Mithra was crucified and resurrected. Baptism is done by his followers. His sacred day of worship was Sunday. He was worshiped throughout the world as his statue is discovered in some countries today.


Krishna of India was born around 900B.C. He is worshiped as the eight avatar of the god Vishnu and also the Supreme God in his own right. At his birth, they wanted him killed but was hidden by his mother Devaki, who had conceived him without intercourse.

Krishna was seen as wonder that commanded a lot of respect and had several followers. He resurrected and disappeared after his death.


Attis of Greece was born around 1200B.C. He was born by a virgin and resurrected after death.


Dionysus of Greece was born around 500 B.C. He had a title such as the Alpha and Omega. He was crucified and resurrected after his death.


Yeshua was a Jew born around 5 B.C by a virgin Mary. He was hid in Egypt according to directives from an angel. By age 30 he was baptised by Yohanne the Baptist and begun his ministry. He had twelve disciples who represented the twelve tribe of Israel. He performed many miracles, famous among them was raising the death and walking on the sea. He predicted his own death. He was crucified and arose on the third day and after 40 days on earth. He ascended to the skies.

There are several saviours who came to the earth with such a mysterious birth, death and message they carried whose name are not included in this text.


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