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The Presbyterian church of Ghana celebrates thier birth today, 192 years since it was established.

Jesus said to his disciples in Mathew 16:18 that "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it"

Indeed the Presbyterian Church has come a long way since its was established, the Lord has been faithful to his Word.

The Presbyterian church is the oldest continuously existing established Christian church in Ghana, it was started by the Basel missionaries on 18 December, 1828. The First Missionaries were sent as a result of a request by Major de Richelieu, Governor of Christiansborg.

The governor had observed the bad moral life of the Europeans in the fort. His request to the Danish Crown for missionaries was forwarded to the Basel Mission which had been set up in 1815 to train missionaries.Unfortunatly the first four missionaries couldn't make it within a period of three years of touching the Gold Coast. This didn't end there the Basel mission sent another willing missionaries . They were , Andreas Riis, Peter Petersen Jaeger, and a doctor, Christian Friedrich Sad Dr. Heinze and P.P. Jaeger failed to survive after three months, leaving Andreas Riis.

Eight missionaries died at the process of mission enterprise but none was converted. The Basel Mission therefore decided to abandon the mission to the Gold Coast because they believed that the high mortality rate was a sure sign from God that Africa was not ready for the gospel.

At the departure of Riis, the Okuapehene, Nana Addo Dankwa provided the key to successful mission which had eluded the missionaries. He is reported to have said on behalf of his people:

“When God created the world, He made a book for the Whiteman and abosom for the African. But if you could show me some Africans who can read the Whiteman’s book, then we would surely follow you”.

So upon the word of Okuapehene Riis reported the white of the king to the Basel mission. So sooner or later the Lord blessed their mission and soon schools were started in Akropong and Osu. Stations were opened at Aburi, Larteh, Odumase, Abokobi, Kyebi, Gyadam, and Anum. Later the work entered Kwahu, Asante, Yendi and Salaga and subsequently the North.

The Presbyterian Training College was started in 1848 and played a key role in the expansion and growth of the church.

So since that time till now the Presbyterian church is been functioning till now. Indeed we will say that the Lord is been faithful to the Church and we will never forget the missionaries that left all that they had to spread the gospel to Africans.

These are the Leaders or Moderators of the Presbyterian church since the church was established.

Presbyterian church has come a long way and we wish them a very Happy birthday day as they celebrate thier 192 years. We say Ayekoo and may Hod continue to bless this church.

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