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Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah shares a Romantic Wedding Anniversary Message with His Wife Mama Rita; Read

Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah shares a Romantic Wedding Anniversary Message to His Wife Mama Rita; Read for Details

Happy anniversary honey, I will always love you; the man of God remarkable write to his Wife in the full glare the world.

There is a saying that there is time for everything; a time to preach; time to celebrate; time to sow, time to harvest, time to rebuke and also a time to love and show affection.

 The law of Nature even respect these times and seasons. 

Most at times, people expect men of God to act spiritual in all matters, and also avoid the usage of some particular words, which are deemed as profane. 

When you are heard singing, dancing or listening to a particular "secular song", you become a subject of discussion in the church among members. 

It is no surprising that most marriages with men of God these days don't last. Because, even in the Bedroom, some men of God forget that there is time for everything. 

Instead of them being romantic with their spouses, they will rather preach and speak in tongues even in the bedroom. 

It is important that, we speak words of affirmation, affection and love to our spouses. 

Often, words as simple as ''I love; you are the apple of my eyes; you mean the world to me; you are the air I breathe; you take my breath away" etc. goes a long way to reaffirm our love for each other. 

Especially for couples who have stayed together for a longer time. 

Its also makes us miss each other whenever we are away from each other. 

Most at times married couples who have being together from eight years on needs to intentionally work out their love lives. 

Because certain pressures that comes with taking care of the home can cause you to loose sight of your love life and this can be the beginning of a sinking love. 

We need to constantly rekindle the fire that sparked the love between you with romantic words besides your act of respect and understanding for yourselves. 

For example when you tell your spouse that "you are the air that I breathe" he or she will make sure they create a breathable atmosphere for you - they will not choke you with constant nagging, quarrels, and troublesome behavior. 

So try and speak romantic words to each other and let it be meaningful. 

The Apostle General of Royal House Chapel, Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah didn't mince words at all when he shared those beautiful and memorable words with his wife Mrs Rita Korankye Ankrah to mark their 35th wedding anniversary. 

And this is what he wrote "wow 35 years of God's goodness. I have never regretted marrying tou Rita Korankye Ankrah and I always thank God for bringing you into my life". 

Happy Anniversary honey, I will always love you. 

Congratulations to the Apostle General and his wife, 35 years of loyalty, respect, understanding, compromises, forgiveness and positive reaffirmation of your love for each other is worthy of celebration. 

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