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(Video) SHS Students Caught “Grinding” Each Other At Church Service

From the very point whrn most of us came into this world, there seems to be no time where we do not hear about thr end of the world.

It has even gotten to a point where people now think there is no such thing as the end of time.

At this time, one could sit fown very quietly and after going through certain present happenings stand on that to say that the end is clearly at hand.

Certain acts like ehat we now see in our world, men marrying their fellow men and the woman doing same. We also now see churches rising against churches, people killing their fellow humans without pity and some other things that were said of the end.

Over sometime now, it became more of a norm that we would rise up each day to see new stories about our SHS students. At one point, they are seen twerkin and at other times it is something different all together, which is no good thing to write home about.

This seems to be something that has been transferred from some of the elderly ones since we normally see such things and hear of their happenings in our community.

In a video trending online, you would be amazed at what some second cycle students turned a church service into.

Normally, we know as a matter of fact that most Senior High Schools have a time of the week or specific times they organize entertainment for their students and thereby include jams session.

This seems to have gone out of hand because in a video trending online, you would see these SHS students seriously grinding each each other at the school's cburch service and songs of praises were sang to glorify their maker.

This has far gone out of imagination because church service is treated as an occasion to give thanks to God and to invite His Holy presence and needs to be treated as such.

This whole issue of students twerking and grinding in public needs to be attended to as it may get to a point that anything that we will try to do about it may prove futile.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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