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DID YOU KNOW: Jesus Real Name is Josuah?

Are we worshiping the wrong God?

The Hebrew name of or lord is Yeshua or Josuah. This gives the Judaism believers the hope that Christians are worshiping the wrong God. And the name Jesus is does not refer to the sin of the Almighty. This article focuses on whether Christians are worshiping a different God, where the name. Jesus originated from and the difference between Yeshua and Jesus.

What Is Jesus' Real Name?

Actually, Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus. It means, "Yah

weh" (the Lord) is Salvation. " Yeshua" is spelled in English as "Joshua" and not Jesus.

Was the name Jesus Manufactured?

Certainly not. The name Jesus was not manufactured, it came through translations. When The original name "Yeshua was translated from Hebrew to Greek it changed to be " Iēsous". The English spelling of Iēsous is "Jesus". This is how we got the name, Jesus.


In short, Josuah and Jesus are the same in meaning it refers to the highest. The difference is, josuah is translated from Hebrew to English and Jesus is from Greek to English.

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