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The Devil needs no extra effort.

The devil can take a vacation because there is nothing to worry about. He has orchestrated everything so perfectly that Christians are in self-destructive mode. What makes the case interesting is they do not seem to recognize the manipulation. For instance, if someone mentions “God’s plan”, most “Christians” remember Drake’s version, irrespective of the subject and venue. That how clean the antagonist has executed his agenda.

Things started when the adversaries were against the church. They fought tooth and nail to eradicate this newfound belief. When it proved futile, they merged with the church and got the control they wanted. Through times, Christians are the most beneficiaries of whatever happens. The freedom got to its peak, so had to decline. That is when people began to fight for the freedom to do their desires, even those against religious faiths.

Today, infiltrations have convinced people to believe they can have it both ways- serve both God and their own flesh- as long as they will. The modern Christians see no wrong in skipping church activities, listening to secular musics, showing wild dances, debating about football everywhere, disobeying the rules, engaging in premarital sex, among others. In no time, there will be an insignificant difference between people in the church and those outside. Satan needs no extra effort because most of God’s children are in the trap.

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