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I Will Name My Child after Judas Iscariot; He was a Good Man - Bishop Asiamah of 'Ajaguraja' Reveals

Bishop Asiamah, leader of the Ajaguraja Movement, who has won for himself the nickname the 'Chop Bar' Pastor, has revealed in an interview with Zion Felix that he will name his child after Judas Iscariot, because he was a good man.

Growing up, the stories we heard about the disciple, Judas Iscariot were not pleasant at all. The Bible says that he was the treasurer among the 12 disciples, and sometimes stole from the treasury.

There is this story in the Bible when Mary Magdalene, the harlot Jesus had saved from her condemners, came to pour expensive oil on Jesus' feet. We are told Judas was not happy at all with that move, and he suggested that they could have sold that expensive oil and used the proceeds to take care of the poor.

The Bible goes on to reveal that Judas wasn't really thinking about the poor when he said that, but only wanted more money in the treasury so that he could steal more from it.

The last shot was the betrayal of Jesus Christ. Judas is reported to be the infamous betrayer of the Master Jesus. These things that the Bible reports about Judas have made the disciple quite notorious and infamous. Nobody wants to name their children after him because of the bad connotation his name carries.

However, Rev. Asiamah of the Ajaguraja Movement has a different view of Judas Iscariot. According to him, Judas was not as bad as the Bible makes it seem. He continued that the disciple betrayed Jesus just once, and so Peter must be the one people hate, because he betrayed the Master three times.

It's obvious people love Peter and hate Judas because it is the latter's betrayal that led to the death of Jesus. However, Bishop Asiamah holds the view that Judas must rather be commended for being part of the death of the Messiah which has brought salvation to Christians.

The Bible makes it clear that after Jesus had died and resurrected, he was given a name above all names. The bishop believes that Judas must be praised for helping Jesus gain that name which is above all names. "Why must Peter take the credit", he posed.

He went on to note that, all the negative stories the Bible says about Judas were mere machinations of the other disciples just to paint him black to all generations. He therefore reveled that he would name his child after Judas Iscariot to demonstrate that Judas was not as bad as we have been made to believe.

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