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Be Vigilant, Don't Share Your Secret

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Secret is something that is hidden and intended to be kept or something not unknown. Or something kept from the knowledge of others. According to the definition of secret, it’s not something that one has to share with friends or any other person. Its suppose to be something unknown.

According to the bible, Samson’s parent had known the secret of Samson’s strength since his birth, yet they told no one (judges 13:5). The day that Delilah heard about it, he told Samson’s enemies and brought Samson down to ordinary (judges 16:17-18).

But before that, Samson was very strong and the spirit of God was with him too. He was strong to the extent that he could slew thirty men of Ashkelon and took their spoil. But after his secret was known to his enemies, they used him as a toy or for entertainment.


Everyone qualifies for your love but not all people you love qualify to know your secret in your life! Because, some cannot handle it, and others cannot wait to trade your secret for personal gain.

Always remember that the enemy that will destroy you, will not come with sword or anger but with a smile.

Learning to keep your friends secret is not only about trust but destinies are at stake. Nothing can be more dangerous and painful than to share your secret with your enemy thinking they are your friends!

Be sober and vigilant about friends. God be with you!

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