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Check out what was discovered in a church after people invaded one after suspecting the pastor

While recognizing the blessings of miracles, the Bible also declares that Christendom will be beset by false workers performing miracles. These, among others, are presented as a sign of the end in Matthew 24:24, 25.

The Bible warned against false prophets 

• Matthew 24:24, 25; Mark 13:22, 23—Christ’s warnings against false Christs and prophets who would work wonders so much that the elect would possibly be deceived.

• 2 Peter 2:1–3—false teachers that would attract many people with falsehood at the expense of the truth. Such would exploit the innocent ones through made-up stories.

 A community who accommodated a man for 11 years thinking he was a pastor as he claims but not knowing that he was the agent of the devil. A man of 70 years has been caught with charms in his church, the community accused him of stagnating their youths and using their destiny for ritual. 

 When the community stormed his church a lot of fetish things was discovered like horns, baby toys, female bras, jars and other fetish items.

 The pastor denied the allegation, he said it was a setup that some set of people came into his church to deposit all those fetish items. He said that he knows nothing about those items except the things he uses to treat sick people.

 Please what's your opinion what do you think about this pastor are they accusing him wrongly.

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