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END TIME IS NEAR: See What Choir Leader Did to a Female Member in Public While Putting On Garment

If the things that happens nowadays is anything to go by, then it is easy to conclude that the world might soon be coming to an end. God created everything in this world to be good but human being turned everything in their own favour.

Most of the religious houses nowadays has turned into something else, some men of God do not follow the teaching of the Bible anymore. It is believed that churches no longer care about the moral value of their members, thereby giving members the opportunity to behave indecently.

It became a shock when a picture of a choir leader spread through the internet, he was spotted sharing a deep kiss with a female member in public immediately after church service.

It is the fiance of the lady who shared the story online because he was disappointed to see her girlfriend behave indecently in public.

It is a big shame to the celestial Church group for their members to behave ungodly in Public. They were both spotted at a local restaurant where they were meant to relax after church service.

People were particularly angry because they performed this act in public, and one of the people who was watching them decided to share the picture so as to expose them to the public.

Church leaders should take more strict measures against members doing ungodly things in public, because it will be a disgrace to their church if their members keep doing these indecent things in public.

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