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Once a sanctuary; now a theatre of deception, fraud & thievery

Faith is a very important strength of any religious believer. The Christian faithful have long been congregating in churches to share in their belief and to worship their creator or Supreme Being—God.

Others communicate and connect with their Supreme Being through various forms. The Muslims love to meet at the Mosque to worship the ever-merciful Allah through the Prophet Muhammed.

The Traditionalists communicate with their Supreme Master at the shrine. In all of these, one beautiful theme run through these faiths: the purity and sanctity of their belief systems. It such that their followers tend to be slaves of such beliefs.   

In some cases, unsuspecting minds believe their leaders or heads are God incarnate on earth; especially if that leader, as the case may be for Christianity, is also a prophet of the ministry; and who has had a few of his/her prophecies come to fruition.

From the biblical stand-point, prophecies are not demonic; they are part of that, which show the awesomeness of the living God. It tells us also about how God can use humans to foretell us mortal humans, things of the future.

It did happen that Prophets like Jeremiah, Daniel, Josiah and others showed God’s unending powers through prophecy. It must however, be stressed that there are also satanic prophecies induced by the king of darkness.

So if God could use prophecies to guarantee the Christian commitment of his followers, the demonic world would also device similar prophetic means to win souls to their master—Satan. Indeed, the Bible warns of such later days prophetic phenomenon.

It’s therefore not strange that most Churches have converted to 24-hour prophetic ministration because many of them are of the view that they can win souls through the prophetic theatrics. Some even allow their priest-prophets to do anything to them, provided they can help them achieve their heart desires.

So a pastor was seen stamping the stomach of a pregnant congregant, all in the name of prophecy; others slap in the name of prophecy; some lady congregants are bathed nakedly by their pastors in the name of prophecy; and pastor/prophets sleep with married women in desperate need of fruits of the womb. That also, is a prophetic direction.

But leadership in the Church is God’s creation. The Christian Bible talks of how the Catholic faith for instance, believe Peter, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ was the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

The Ancient Bible, represented by the Old Testament gives historical accounts of how nations in the ancient days, were governed by priests because their knowledge in matters of governance, was considered superior, none bias and therefore respected by the larger society.

We’ve also been witnesses to the immense contribution of the Church in the provision of health and educational facilities in many countries, including Ghana; and has even moved to other sectors such as microfinance, insurance and the provision of social amenities.

The Church has since then, been a major stakeholder in the development agenda of many nations, especially in the area of governance. In all of these contributions, the Church can be touted as one of the foremost agent of development, thus bringing some economic gains and improvement in the lives many.

However, notwithstanding the Church’s contribution to the socio-economic development of many in a given nation/country, it does seem that the Church is losing its foremost role of salvation, soul-winning or evangelism and the promotion of uprightness.

Unlike the past, where the Church gave to society, the modern day Church expect to be paid because of the believe that they are making their followers rich millionaires overnight.

Meaning, most Churches today, have become the platform for dubious wealth creation through false prophecies, skewed interpretation of the scriptures, rituals and other ungodly acts that are detrimental not only to their followers, but also the larger society.

What makes the situation even more dangerous, is the fact that most Christians, fail to read in-between the true identity and characters of such charlatan pastors because they are also caught-up in the ‘get-rich-quick’ syndrome; thus losing their very values and existence

Self-acclaimed pastors have arrogated to themselves the power to make people rich overnight, by asking them to perform certain rituals, which many unsuspecting Christians also adhere to gleefully, without probing.

The outcome of this is that people no longer crave for jobs to earn genuine salaries or pay; but instead rely or depend on the directions and rituals as prophesized by their demi-god pastors.

Most times, these fake pastors who call themselves ‘men of God’ do not only end up misleading and duping their vulnerable congregation but also lead them astray. Many have boldly stated that most frustrated lots walking in many Ghanaian streets, are products of such deceptive pastors.

Such vulnerable lots should understand that nobody becomes rich overnight, by adhering to a certain prophetic declaration of a fasting and prayer session. Wealth has always been the reward for genuine hard work and it is time churches taught their members this basic principle of life.

Christians can overcome such bondage, if they study the scriptures on their own; so that no trickster will come under the guise of teaching them the word of God, only to deceive them.

Perhaps, harsh economic conditions contribute to the incessant prayer vigils which sometimes run into several weeks; yet those who have stayed on the course of working and backing it up with genuine prayers, have managed to weather the storm.

Content created and supplied by: RKeelson (via Opera News )

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