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The End Result Of Poverty And Wickedness Is Sometimes The Same - Read To Fin Out More

The story of the Good Samaritan gives us a clear picture of how love is demonstrated in helping those who need our help.

The principles of positive action are encapsulated in the actions of the Good Samaritan. His response to the needy man was swift, voluntary, generous and dedicated.

The Good Samaritan possessed the requisite resources to do good. Compassion is a combination of mercy and ability. And piety with poverty is ineffective.

The Good Samaritan was not a poor man. He set the man on his own beast and in other words he owned a means of transport.

He couldn't have carried the wounded man on his shoulders. A car is a good thing because it empowers us to do good. He had a first aid kit on his means of transport and sent the wounded man to an inn.

A house is a blessing – it gives us the necessary comfort to do good. He paid the bills and promised to pay any extras on his return.

The END RESULT of poverty and wickedness is sometimes the same. The wicked man does not help the person in need even if he has the ability to do so. The poor man may not be able to help the person who needs his assistance even if he has a good heart.

The disposition of the wicked person and the inability of the poor man sometimes result in the same things; loss of life, destruction and human suffering.


Pray for a positive change in your financial state.

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Good Samaritan


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