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Life is a Process;A Case of David.

1 Samuel 17.

Life is process.Every end product goes through a process.All food products,Clothing and the electronic gadgets we use in our homes all went through a process to become the useful products that we so much cherish today.

Anything that was made for a specific good purpose has a process.Before a child is born it goes through a process in the womb for nine months.

Every process is a learning process.David learned how to use the sling shot to ward off predators.He also killed a lion and a bear while looking after sheep in the wilderness.He also learned the art of music in the humble process.

The process is a praparation period for your promotion and elevation in life.God brought David to the Palace to play music for Saul and there he observed and learned Kingship rule as part of the process that will lift him to the throne.

David later confronts Goliath and kills him with one stone by the power of God and this led to the people falling in love with David which inspired envy in Saul.Saul attempted to kill David but God was His refuge.One day during King Sauls pursuit of David to kill him,he was tired and decided to rest.That night God gave Saul into the hands of David but he refused to kill him because he was under authority and refused to stain his hand with blood.

A lot of things transpired after then but in the long run,David became King of Israel(2 Samuel 5).Don't despise the process,embrace the process that you are going through as God will bring you to glory,honour and blessings through the process.

Prayer of Salvation

Dear Lord Jesus I believe that you died for my sins and rose on the third day for my complete salvation.I acknowledge that I am a sinner.Please forgive and wash my sins by your righteous blood.Come into my heart and be my Lord and personal saviour.Amen

Please join a bible believing church and let's grow together as we look for the appearing of the Lord Jesus unto salvation.

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