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She Stepped Out Of Faith, Leaving For Mali, To Pastor and Plant Churches, Thanks To Bishop Dag

On Tuesday 17th of June 2008, I arrived in Bamako, Mali with two of my sons, stepping out of my comfort zone into a life of faith, walking practically with God. Although the boys were too young to understand, it was evident that they could sense the excitement and adventure that lay ahead.

Bamako has been a purifying ground for my faith, an opportunity to practically lay the promises of God’s word ”on the ground” and walk on them so as to be able to say, “I am persuaded that He is able”.

We were supported financially by the church on arrival, but it was also expected that for the mission to survive, we would need to be self-sustaining at some point. To this end, I visited a nearby international school to apply for a job as soon as we arrived.

Later, I would be asked whether I knew someone who had helped me obtain the job. By the divine provision of God, and a father’s covering, I have been gainfully employed for the years I have been on this mission.

Twelve years on, I can confidently say “the Lord has led us through”. He has worked miracles: miracles of provision and miracles of protection.

By the grace of God, the Mali church has a cathedral and branches in the capital, Bamako, as well as in 3 regional capitals- Segou, Sikasso and Kayes. There is also a fledgling branch in Yanfolila, in the region of Bougouni. What a blessing to have had the opportunity to see a nation turn to Christ!

Thank you, Bishop Dag. Indeed, no nation is too far! Thank you for coming all the way to Bamako to visit us, pray for us and to hold crusades in this country. Keep sending missionaries! Our lives and experiences have been enriched as we witness the great hand of God in nations such as this!

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