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Meet the only man of God who couldn't be killed like the others - Checkout the reason behind

Peter was killed topsy turvy, Andrew was executed on a cross over cross (X-molded), Thomas was pierced with a lance, Mathias (who supplanted Judas) was stoned and guillotined, Luke was hanged to an olive tree, Simon was executed, James was racked until his mind surged, Bartholomew was decapitated, Phillip was killed, Mark was hauled to pieces by a pony, Jude was executed, Matthew was been pummeled with a halberd, John the Baptist was executed. 

There is a maxim that says "the apple doesn't fall a long way from the tree". We as a whole realize that Jesus Christ had 12 missionaries, who proceeded with his work after his demise and revival. However, the fascinating actuality is that, very much like their lord, these men all passed on horrendous passings with the exception of one missionary. 

Jesus said to his supporters in Matthew 24: 9 "At that point they will convey you up to be tormented, and murder you; and you will be abhorred by all countries in light of my name." This word was 100% valid and it came precisely as Jesus said. The entirety of his adherents were abused and just one got away from death. 

This man was invulnerable to all techniques used to slaughter his kindred messengers. It arrived at a point that the individuals who needed to execute him got tired and chosen to exile him to an island so he would expect to starve or be eaten by a wild monster. 

The solitary missionary who wonderfully got away from affliction was John the heavenly. Investigators did everything they could for this youthful missionary - he was beaten yet was not harmed, lances and swords couldn't enter him, and in any event, when he was placed in a bubbling pot of oil, he came out sound. 

Really, nobody can stop a man or a lady from satisfying his undeniable reason. God made John a strong man to make sure he could compose the book of Revelations, even his expulsion to the island was essential for God's arrangement so he would not be upset while accepting the dreams. I supplicate that God will go with us until we achieve His motivation in Jesus name. 

However, it was on this island, the island of Patmos, that God gave the disclosure to John. He composed the book of Revelations. It was solely after composing this book that John at last kicked the bucket on this island. 

God is superb, it's not possible for anyone to slaughter someone that God isn't prepared to kill....don't neglect to adulate God and furthermore share with others

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